Environmentally Friendly Architectural Design

If you care about the environment or maybe just want to cut down the costs of your building project, then you should talk to us about our Environmentally Friendly Architectural Design services. With our eco architectural design services, we are one of the few London architects who offer our clients a building solution that not only reduces costs, but also the environmental impact of your building work. Environmentally Friendly Architectural Design

Our architectural design team can draw up architectural plans that will:

  • Dramatically reduce building costs
  • Cut build times
  • Use sustainable materials
  • Use less building materials
  • Reduce the amount of building waste

Our eco-architectural design services make us the residential and commercial architects London homeowners come to when they want to reduce the environmental and monetary costs of their building project.

Environmentally Friendly Bases

We are one of the few London architects who have developed an environmentally friendly foundation design that can dramatically reduce build times and build costs.  If approved by your local planning authority, our foundation design means that you will have less spoil from your foundation’s excavation, thus reducing the amount of building material needed for your foundation and also, therefore, reducing the total build time for your building’s foundation.

As any London architect will tell you, the ground works are always the trickiest part of any contract and they always involve a lot of mess and disruption and an unexpected level of costs. The faster you can have the foundation built, the less expensive the ground works will be and the sooner you can begin the building work.

Environmentally Friendly Structures

Our architectural services don’t stop with your eco-friendly foundations. They continue with our architectural plans to include eco-friendly, sustainable structural elements to enable you to build a beautiful, strong, environmentally friendly home that meets all building requirements and that won’t cost you, or anyone else the earth.  We can advise on architectural designs such as the innovative use of steel work and timber roofs which not only speed up the construction of your home, but again, use less material than traditional construction methods too.

Environmentally Friendly Insulation

As we are all now aware, we need to try and build our homes in a way that they will have the least negative impact possible on the environment.  One major way we can do this is to ensure they are properly insulated. The better insulated your home is, the lower your carbon footprint will be.

Naturally, all our insulation and building specifications meet current building regulations, but we are so committed to doing as much as we can to protect the environment that we can supply you with extra insulation to further reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Environmentally Friendly Living

In addition to the above we can also advise you on whether you can use other environmentally friendly methods of heating and providing water to your home.  We can provide advice on rainwater harvesting systems, use of solar panels and ground source heat pumps to further lower your carbon footprint and provide you with the environmentally friendly home you want.

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